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Australia renders the special health insurance termed as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It will help the students to cover the medical cost whenever students need to spend in the hospital. As the cost of medical treatment in Australia is very high, students have to pay a large amount for it. So, students, either International or Indian, can choose health insurance during their education in Australia at an affordable price.

Saga Studies, with its surmounting experience and highly qualified staff, counsel’s students in the best manner. Apart from this, we provide service of Health Insurance Plan both for Student (OSHC) and Visitor (OVHC) with our best services with a motive to render comfort to our client. Adding to this, we render OVHS (Overseas Visitor’s Health Cover) for students who are on 485 Temporary Graduate Visa. We are quite aware of the fact that Health is a very vital aspect of overall lifestyle and is above all. Keeping this aspect in our mind, we offer quality services that will help you during your stay and study in Australia.

Our Services

You will get assistance for selecting the right and affordable Insurance Health Cover at one spot. Furthermore, we will offer you Exclusive benefits in less time. Our experienced Counselor will assist you in organizing your Health Cover. Our team will render you NIB & BUPA, Best Health Insurance Cover for Students and IMAN-OVHC for temporary Graduate Visa. Its mission is to yield the best services to its members.

OSHC (Health Insurance Cover)

OSHC is one of the mandatory documents, which is compulsory during your entire Study in Australia. It incorporates Hospital Accommodation expenses, Accident and Emergency Services, Outpatient and Doctor Services. Apart from this, a student can avail services of Standard GP Consultation, Telehealth, Pathology, and X-rays, free of cost or at affordable rates. OSHC is very beneficial for students as it aids them in countless ways.

In case of any problem, it also renders support services through 24-hr health and emergency support line. The Australian Government instructs these policies. OSHC Australia is the only destination where students will procure the opportunity to compare all six Australian government-approved OSHC providers. We will guide the students regarding different services offered by various health insurance plans for choosing the viable option for them as per their needs.

Best Health Insurance Cover

Help you to keep Healthy while you study in Australia

NIB: It is one of the premier Health Insurance Plan which render many exclusive benefits for their worthy members. It includes services of Doctors and Specialists, Hospital, Emergency Ambulance and Prescription Medication. This cover meets the Department of Home Affairs student visa requirements. It is comparatively affordable than BUPA.

BUPA: It is an international health insurance and healthcare group carrying a clientele of 33 million customers worldwide. Its extensive coverage itself, promote its quality services with their audience. It is a 5 star rated Health Cover which renders immense benefits. They yield 24 Hours Health Advice Line. Some of the BUPA works include Hospital Services, Out of Hospital Treatment, Emergency ambulance services, Prescription Medicines, Refund Policy and more.


This Health Insurance cover is designed for international visitors visiting or working in Australia on a temporary visa. If you meet with an accident or become sick, OVHC will assist you and pay your medical cost. Our Team provides IMAN -OVHC Cover, which includes Doctor and in-hospital consultations and many more.

Don’t Worry! Put your mind at ease

We are here to provide the Best Health Insurance Cover (both for students & Visitors) along with counseling services. Our team compares the various Insurance plans and recommend client according to their convenience, budget and needs.


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